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Awakening Joy

Saturday 1-3pm

What is Joy and why awaken it now?


I believe that we came into this life ultimately shaped for pleasure, delight and intimacy, designed to curiously drink in the wonder and beauty of this world and that Joy is our true nature. However, there are many forces that can hinder this truth. Our task, should we choose it, is to decondition our hearts and minds, returning us to our fullest and most sacred Joy.


We have an opportunity at this turning point in our history to raise our vibration, and to rapidly evolve our consciousness. Instead of contracting with fear, anxiety and smallness it’s time to expand into the frequencies of Love and Joy, and to claim this beautiful birthright now! 

What you will get from this awesome workshop

  • Time for you. Time to go within. Time to change limiting beliefs that will powerfully enhance your whole life. 

  • A reminder that Joy is our natural state and that it’s not only possible - it’s your birthright.

  • Permission to let your inner creative out to play in a safe, supported space.

  • Create a beautiful, meaningful piece of artwork to frame and keep.

  • Learn a simple art-making process that you can use again and again.

  • Learn what Theta healing® is.

  • Experience the profound and graceful Theta healing® technique as we remove and replace the limiting beliefs and programs around Joy, in your life.

  • Learn how to muscle test like a pro to get instant answers from your body without your head brain getting in the way.

  • Clear blocks and beliefs that may be limiting the amount of Joy you experience in your world.

Materials required for this workshop: 

You may already have this or something similar, and if not, you can affordably purchase at your local supermarket.    

  • Journal and pen.

  • Paper: 120 gsm or heavier cartridge or watercolour paper – at least 2 sheets (size A5, A4).

  • Watercolour paints, inks or a pack of food colouring. 

  • A medium size paint brush, a small cup of water plus a fine to medium tip sharpie or black fineliner.

  • Paper scissors, Glue-stick, paper towel or rags.

  • Optional extra: Coloured Posca or paint markers and white/silver/gold gel pens (these are available at art stores, and Officeworks online)

If you have any questions about these materials please let me know.

Details for the day of the workshop:

Its important to be well hydrated for the Theta aspect of the workshop so have some water handy for drinking and for your paint of course!

We will be connecting and doing the workshop via Zoom.

You will be sent a link in the reminder email 3 days before the event.

Looking forward to seeing you then...

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