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creative play

You are probably here because you feel there’s something more...more juiciness in you that’s not being expressed, more FREEDOM to be found, more LOVE in your heart to pour forth, more of a mark to make on the world before you leave it, just this feeling of more. 

Your inner awesomeness wants to be FREE. She wants to FEEL GOOD. She wants to EXPRESS herself, clearly and truthfully and without reservation. She wants to live a creative, love-filled expansive, juicy life fulfilling her PURPOSE. 

The only limit to creating an expansive juicy life is a belief about what’s possible and the courage to change. 

I can help you with all of that. 

Are you creative at heart and have lost your way?

Having trouble finding the joy in life… Lost your spark?

Feel like you want to Break free and run naked through the fields, expressing your true self like a goddess on a miracle quest?

When was the last time you played with art materials for the FUN of it?

Well brilliant news!

I have something less naked for you...and no less fun.

This is NOT therapy, it's not counselling, it's 'Creative Play' for adults.

The absolutely BRILLIANT NEWS is that changing your beliefs literally changes your reality.You can replace these beliefs with really awesome ones that support you and allow more possibility, more juicy stuff, more love, more wellbeing into your life. 'How do I do that?' you say.

And, guess what? 

I can help you with that.

With 'Creative play' we can sink blissfully into the world of Art and help you get your creative wheels spinning again



How I can help you to live an expansively juicy life 

I’m a playfully creative and practical soul, adventurous and disciplined, loving and strong, and devoted to freedom, and pretty ruthless about discarding what isn’t working. My genius zone is getting to the heart of what's preventing people from playing the game of life fully and lovingly putting wind under their wings to do it.

My rules for life: 

Joy is my birthright. Love is expansive. Everything is designed to help me. 

Five years ago, after my husband passed away, I began a fierce immersive healing journey  of getting to know and love myself again; a kind of ‘clearing of the decks’. Within that journey of de-conditioning I experimented with many different healing practices to heal my broken heart and spirit.

In these 'Creative Play-shops' I will gently guide you into the Art process with quality materials and exercises designed to bring out your inner creative goddess with ease and JOY. 

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