Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.

- Albert Einstein

If you're currently feeling stuck, are sabotaging your brilliance with negative self-talk and old patterns of behaviour or perhaps you feel like you have one foot on the accelerator and one on the gas…

If it's time for a new approach, an empowering change, or you are not getting the results you want, then the fresh perspective of a creative coach can help you get there. 

If you are looking for an altitude adjustment then these one-on-one ‘Creative Coaching’ sessions are most definitely for you.


Creative Coaching is a one-on-one service designed to align your multiple brains (heart, head and gut brains) to bring the human spirit alive so you become present, passionate and on purpose with your creative gifts and can live an extraordinary and fully expressed life.

As a creative I have developed a phenomenally equipped toolkit of habits and short-cuts, and a wealth of knowledge on how ‘to do’ being a creative consistently and joyfully over the past 30+ years. Using my own generative wisdom, NLP training in multiple brain intelligences and certification in Brene Browns 'Dare to Lead' training I help coach creatives into aligning head, heart and gut brains for greater wisdom, success and happiness with an aim to help bring about change in a supportive and sustainable way. Multiple brain integration is about tapping into the highest expressions of yourself for a full body “fuck yes” allowing us to move easily through life and 'Dare to Lead' adds weight to heart centred leadership.

Having accountability and support in your creative practice by meeting with a coach helps develop your self-knowledge, increase productivity and reclaim clarity of focus. Its about regaining the confidence to steer your beautiful creative ship confidently no matter the weather.

Recent statistics on the effects of personal coaching show that:

  • 80% improved their self-confidence

  • 72% improved their communication skills

  • 57% improved their time management skills


In the creative coaching sessions we start by discussing the pain spot or issue you are wanting to resolve and your present state with that (how its affecting you currently in your life/creative practice) then we talk about your desired state or outcome for that issue and once super clear we proceed to engage your 3-brains through an elegant NLP process that brings about an alignment of your own desires. It is a beautiful process that empowers you to move forward with clarity and ease.

- Fiona Roake, Company 13 Theatre Productions

I had a three brain coaching session with Sara over Skype last week. I knew nothing about this process beforehand, but I trust Sara completely. 


I found the process engaging in a surprising way and heard myself saying totally unexpected and powerful things which I don’t think I could have accessed on my own. These insights have given me a new framework for regarding my creative process with compassion for myself and renewed drive. 


I now have a healthy conversation going on inside myself. I feel less ‘one foot on the brake one foot on the accelerator’ and more able to continue my heart-led creative life with direct intention and self-supported ease.


I would recommend this work with Sara to anyone wanting to move forward in their life.

Hi Sara, 


Thank you for your time and guidance on Thursday! Wow, that was intense but so effective!


Today I went into my studio, ready to sit with what happened, but within about 2 minutes I got “butterfly” drifting in....and there was such a simple urgency to just go get the stuff I needed & get time to think about which paint to use, just grabbing the kids paint pallet but a piece of timber outside my door...and there I was on my tummy flat on the floor painting this butterfly....obviously inspired by your house...I normally would never ever grab pink, but it was the first colour on the paper! 


Thank you for helping me understand what I need to do and allow to be free!!! 


So much love for you today💖

- Marieke Price


All coaching is conducted via live video meetings on the online meeting platform, Zoom.

Sessions can be stand alone for a tune-up or simple realignment.

Fiercely held beliefs may require multiple sessions to be shifted, depending on the individual.


$150/hour session


Let's catch up for a quick session to discover more about each other, and if we're a good fit to work together.

Let's catch up for a quick session to discover more about each other, and if we're a good fit to work together.
Creative Coaching Discovery Session
10 min

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I'm ready to get present, passionate and
Creative Coaching Full Session
1 hr

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