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Belief Busting

You are probably here because you feel there’s something more...more juiciness in you that’s not being expressed, more FREEDOM to be found, more LOVE in your heart to pour forth, more of a mark to make on the world before you leave it, just this feeling of more. 

Your inner awesomeness wants to be FREE. She wants to FEEL GOOD. She wants to EXPRESS herself, clearly and truthfully and without reservation. She wants to live a creative, love-filled expansive, juicy life fulfilling her PURPOSE. 

The only limit to creating an expansive juicy life is a belief about what’s possible and the courage to change. 

I can help you with all of that. 

Limiting beliefs Holding You Back?

Have you ever said to yourself “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not smart enough.” If this sounds really familiar, that’s because they are super common limiting beliefs. At some point in your childhood you made these decisions based on the information you had at the time - well, you were little and didn’t have a full picture of the world.

However, unless we consciously work to remove these decisions about ourselves they stay with us into adulthood becoming a limiting belief and creating our version of reality

Yep we keep living out those unsupportive pesky patterns and habits.

Negative Beliefs Can Control You

A limiting or negative belief forms when those decisions like “I’m not enough” are confirmed over years. You would have gathered bits of information confirming that you weren’t enough, over time creating strong neural pathways - like a well-worn and comfy groove in your mind. This thought eventually became a fully-fledged inbuilt belief stopping you from being all that you can be and having that juicy expansive life you want. 

Our beliefs create our reality

Think about it. The quality of decisions that you have made in your life up until today have determined the quality of your life. And most of them came from when you were under 7 years old. Ah yep.

Once you know this, you can decide how you want to show up in your life NOW without those beliefs, that are sooo not true...and do something about it.

Brilliant News

The absolutely BRILLIANT NEWS is that changing your beliefs literally changes your reality.You can replace these beliefs with really awesome ones that support you and allow more possibility, more juicy stuff, more love, more wellbeing into your life. 'How do I do that?' you say.

Well, guess what? 

I can help you with that.

With Theta Healing we can bust those beliefs creating new, positive beliefs to help you shine! 

“Believe it

and you will

     see it.” — Wayne Dyer



How I can help you to live an expansively juicy life 

I’m a creative and practical soul, adventurous and disciplined, loving and strong, playful and devoted to freedom, and pretty ruthless about discarding what isn’t working.

My rules for life: 

Joy is my birthright. Love is expansive. Everything is designed to help me. 

Five years ago, after my husband passed away, I began a fierce immersive healing journey  of getting to know and love myself again; a kind of ‘clearing of the decks’. Within that journey of de-conditioning I experimented with many different healing practices to heal my broken heart and spirit. I found many wonderful practices and practitioners to help me Return to Joy.  Of all of them, I found Theta Healing could most profoundly and swiftly rewire my brain, breaking lifetimes of un-useful belief patterns, creating new neural pathways to support positive change on all levels in a short timeframe.

I was so impressed with my personal results I trained to become a Theta Healing practitioner.

Theta Healing is a well-crafted blend of science and spirit. It is a powerful, yet non-invasive technique that helps us to quickly identify and reprogram limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious. We do this by connecting to divine consciousness via the theta brainwave state - an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode, you are fully conscious and we have access to your sub-conscious.

This Theta brainwave state offers the mind/body the conditions it requires to heal. It sounds a bit science-y though it is pretty cool stuff. Theta Healing differs from other forms of emotional and spiritual healing in that it enables you to directly teach new feelings energetically to the body such as “What it feels like to be happy” or “What it feels like to be healthy and successful”, creating new neural pathways and new ways of being in the world.
Using Theta Healing you can ultimately re-create your life exactly as you choose - powerfully and directly.

You simply come into the session with an intention of creating positive change. Then, in a safe conversational space, with your full co-operation, we deep dive with your current issue to find the limiting core belief and replace it with a more useful, supportive one enabling you to get on with life more gracefully and with more ease.

When you change those core beliefs your actions follow suit and then your outcomes begin to change. In my experience it is the easiest way to make graceful, sustainable positive change from the inside out. Pretty cool huh? A single session of Theta Healing can alter a lifetime of frustration and invite a whole, new, joyful existence. 

‘Sara is a powerfully intuitive healer/teacher who grounds her practice in everyday language. This made it easy for me - a Theta Healing newcomer - to fully enter the space she was opening out and to accept all the wisdom and freedoms that it offered. I now find myself able to enter my work without doubts and hesitations that have accompanied me for so long. I am able to be deeply involved in the world where before I felt like a bystander.’     -Fiona Roake 



I highly recommend theta healing with Sara. I felt so heard and safe to open up. I came to Sara with limiting beliefs about my lightwork and after a couple of sessions I felt much more confident showing up as my true authentic self. I feel comfortable being myself. I had deep realisations during the healing which helped me understand my emotions and work through them. Sara is very attentive and highly intuitive! I really appreciate her taking her time. Sara is very connected to Creator

I am very grateful for your love and support, Sara, thank you x      -Sahej  Chahal


All healing sessions are conducted via live video meetings on the online meeting platform, Zoom.


$ 90 per 60-90min session

Busting limiting beliefs for a more expansive juicy life in a gentle conversational way
Theta Healing
1 h 30 min
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