Awakening Joy


Awakening Joy is a fun way to get a taste of Theta Healing magic and bust limiting beliefs whilst knee deep in Art making...Whoooa yeah!

What is Joy and why awaken it now?

I believe that we came into this life ultimately shaped for pleasure, delight and intimacy. We are designed to curiously drink in the wonder and beauty of this world and Joy is our true nature. Our task, should we choose it, is to decondition our hearts and minds, returning us to our fullest and most sacred Joy.

At this turning point in our history we have an opportunity to rapidly evolve our consciousness. Instead of contracting with fear, anxiety and smallness it’s time to expand into the frequencies of Love and Joy, and to claim this beautiful birthright now!

In this 2 hour workshop you will be welcomed into my studio (either in person or on-line) and guided through a simple art making process, for novices and experienced creatives alike. We will use the Theta Healing meditation technique, brilliantly and cleverly woven with the art-making, to clear limiting beliefs around the place of Joy in your life. The resulting artwork will anchor your upgraded beliefs about Joy, and a whole lot of other cool stuff. 

What is Theta Healing?

Theta healing is named for the theta brainwave state, the cool space between the conscious and sub-conscious where we can be awake and gain access to the unconscious. This is where we have stored beliefs and programs for eons, not only from this lifetime, but from beyond and from mass consciousness as well. With your permission and participation, we use a beautiful meditative practice to mindfully access this state and remove and replace core beliefs that no longer serve us, creating new neural pathways for the good stuff.

 Five years ago, after my husband passed away, I began a fierce immersive healing journey  of getting to know and love myself again; a kind of ‘clearing of the decks’. 

Within that journey of de-conditioning I experimented with many different healing practices to heal my broken heart and spirit. I found many wonderful practices and practitioners to help me Return to Joy.  Of all of them, I found Theta healing to be the swiftest modality for breaking belief patterns that were no longer useful, creating new neural pathways and supporting positive change on all levels.

At the beginning of this year I felt a compelling urge to learn more about it and went on to complete the 3 foundation courses qualifying me as a Theta Healing practitioner. The idea to magically combine my creative background with Theta healing to help others to heal and share more of their light with the world, was born.

Some of what you will get from this workshop

  • ​Time for you. Time to go within.

  •  A reminder that Joy is our natural state and that it is not only possible, it is our birthright.

  • Permission to let your inner creative out to play in a safe, supported space.

  • The creation of a beautiful, meaningful piece of artwork to frame and keep.

  • Learning of a simple art-making process that you can use again and again.

  •  An experience of the profound and graceful Theta healing® technique as we remove and replace the limiting beliefs and programs around Joy in your life.

  • Learning how to muscle test like a pro to get instant answers from your body without your head brain getting in the way.

  • A clearing of blocks and beliefs that may be limiting the amount of Joy you experience in your world.

Comments from participants 

"Sara is an incredible facilitator and I had such a great time taking part in her workshop! The combination of creative expression and removing limiting beliefs was a powerful one that left me feeling completely relaxed, content and like I’d internally shifted. I walked away with an improved mindset and a beautiful piece of art that continues to bring me back to the positive beliefs we installed. I will absolutely be doing another one of these workshops and highly recommend it to anyone that’s interested!" -Shahna Sarpi  

"What I loved about this workshop was the openhearted way Sara approaches her practice of Theta Healing with a true desire to make other people’s lives better: to release us from the ties that bind us and make our own brilliance available to us again. She is beautifully intuitive and playful, skilled in ‘reading’ people and grounded in the use of language that makes this form of healing accessible to everyone regardless of your spiritual past and path. All this, coupled with her brilliant understanding of colour and creativity, makes this workshop a joyful experience.’" -Fiona Roake


"To anyone Arty or non-Arty I highly recommend this awesome workshop! 2 hours of awakening joy in a very intimate group with one of the most beautiful artists and people, Sara is divine. She has a calming and caring aura, I was so at ease"   -Toula Stamatis

If this sounds like it's up your alley click below to book ~ Very limited spots available!

Tickets not deferrable so please be aware of the date and time when you book.

Very basic art materials will be required. List supplied once you book.


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