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These darling handmade Prayer Vases are made with local Aussie Porcelain and underglazes, kiln fired with Oodles of love and hand embroidered felt wings added last.

Each one is named underneath and brings their own spunky personality to grace your windowsill, desk or bedside table.

Pop a sprig of blossom from your garden (or a neighbours) a bunch of dandelions, some paintbrushes or a feather found on the beach, to bring their halo fully to life.


Heidi Franz might appear pious, however don't be fooled, she is grinning like a maniac on the inside and swears like the passionate trooper she is, when called to speak. Her monologues are wise and lift ones spirits to the highest on high. She's a goodun, the sorta company you want to keep... A perfect reminder to grab life by the bootstraps to keep on your desk!

She stands 14 cm tall and 4 cm diameter vase top.

Heidi Franz

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