Swanning on down to the tea shop in town,
I spot a wild monkey swinging around.
She’s lurching and leaping, she won’t keep still,
crazy monkey - not your “run of the mill”…
Shall I tie on my wings and head for the trees?
Or better still, invite her to tea!
I call her to come, I coax her a lot,
With brushes and paint, it’s all that I’ve got.
Before you know it, the pale day’s passed,
In a flurry of colour, whilst making some marks.
You can never tell where a day’s gonna lead,
Making friends with my monkey,
… creativity freed!


(a challenging day when my creative “Monkey mind” was all OVER the place and I coaxed it to work – phew!)

Luscious acrylic, Embroidery and oil pastel on canvas. See photos below...

90 x 60 x 4 cm
Free shipping within Australia

Monkey Mind