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1. Sticky on my face

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Being on a 'Creative Quest' just how I do life these days.

It’s my creative hero(ine)’s journey of BE-ing my fullest creative self.

Since grief summoned me in 2015 I’ve met a truck load of dragons and slayed or befriended them, stepping and tripping over thresholds both prickly and sticky to live as creatively, adventurously, playfully, bestest as I can.

I feel this bursting urge inside me to learn and stretch and dive DEEEEP into the lovely sweet 'Mango'-ness of life... to suck and slurpedy slurp all the sweet gooey juiciness out of it whilst I am here roaming around on the earth.

Maybe by the end I'll have some of the goodness still 'sticky on my face', down the front of my dungaree's and in my hair (likely with birdies feeding on it, hehe) annnnd I reckon thats exactly, precisely how I will know my greatness, my creative life, has been actualised and TOTALLY well lived!!!

Contentedness dawns at the end of the days I've answered the creative call, and as I begin to open my studio door and share my 'Creative Quest' with you I do so very much hope that you heed the call too (can you hear your creative destiny calling???) and that some of this wonderful stuff lands at your feet, makes your days a little good-er...

...a little grin-nier or even 'sticky on your face'.

PS: Each bloggedy blog post will have a deep dive writing exercise to help navigate your relationship with your creatively awesome self and a playful art prompt that you can download to paint and play along. Yipeeeee Here we go...

And an ART prompt - Let's PLAY...

Permission to take this idea and fully run wild with it...go bigger or smaller, paint it onto a cereal box or magazine page...Permission to talk kindly to yourself as you play, and for the process to be en-JOY-able regardless of the outcome!


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