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"Shine like the whole universe is yours" - Rumi

Inspired by this fabulous Rumi quote, I wrote this short  poem that evoked the imagery for this magnificent piece painted into this re-purposed apple crate. 

"Shimmer and glow and beam all you lovers,
Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers...
Uncover your dreams and open your heart,
drop all the pretense and make a fresh start...
Lean into your goodness and be not afraid,
Rub yourself shiny, step out of the shade!"

Happy and hand-crafted elements of lovebirds, gold leaf and embellished wings have been added to the luscious acrylic paintwork. The shiny shrine has it's own in-built shelf to put a candle, some flowers and an apple offering to the lovely Madonna and perhaps a photo of your own favorite deity or guru?...

This magical piece will sit well on a sideboard or shelf and due to its weight would require specialist set-up to be hung on a wall. 
60 x 92 x 28cm

Freight calculated extra for this work, please email me to get costs. Can arrange collection from my Melbourne studio.

Shiny shrine of the Apple Crate Madonna

  • My pocket shrines are devotional imagery, painted into small upcycled treasure boxes, as a reminder to pause and seek our sacred self in daily life.

    Inspired by roadside temples in Bali and tiny frescoed chapels in Cyprus, seen on my adventurous travels in past years, these prayer boxes are small invitations to turn inward and reveal the true self, connected to all that is...

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