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The re-imagined nesting dolls with a Sara twist sit upon the ravishingly  mosaic-ed Madonna in her joyous regalia, reminding us of the power of the sisterhood. Marmalade kitty and the lovebird are quietly cntemplating their place in the world. 

This unique piece has been lovingly crafted into a drawer salvaged from the closing of  a neighbourhood chinese restaurant, the decroative paper adhered to the sides of the work also found there. Oh how I love re-fashioning found items into something unique and interesting and meaningful!

Celebrating the women in my life...of all ages.

42 x 52 cm


The Matriarchy - An ode to the sisterhood

  • My pocket shrines are devotional imagery, painted into small upcycled treasure boxes, as a reminder to pause and seek our sacred self in daily life.

    Inspired by roadside temples in Bali and tiny frescoed chapels in Cyprus, seen on my adventurous travels in past years, these prayer boxes are small invitations to turn inward and reveal the true self, connected to all that is...

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