time to return to joy!!

I have always had an innate desire to float up to the surface of life, to return to my true nature of Joy !

I view the world through Art. It is how I articulate myself - whether through spoken word, creating a life that ‘Rocks my Pom-poms’ or painting. Painting easily connects me to my source of Joy and I find people frequently remarking that they feel this energy in my work. It delights me to hear from Art teachers around the world who are using my art work to inspire young creatives. For me this is ‘luscious icing on the carrot cake of life’. 

My desire to express my fullest creative brilliance whilst leaving a legacy, has led me on so many cool and colourful adventures which have challenged me and ultimately grown a deep immoveable belief in myself - an 'unsinkability'. 

I now have a rich toolkit of habits and short-cuts; an incredible wealth of knowledge and generative wisdom on how to live an extraordinary joyful existence AND ​I am crazy passionate about nourishing and inspiring other creatives so they can find their brilliance and share it with the world.

If you are a local to Melbourne I have an event coming up soon

An Afternoon with Sara


Creating joy-filled sensory art installations for events and festivals has been an incredible melding of my creative and personal skills. Immersive textural spaces for families with additional needs children are beautiful works to make and curate. It is also a rich pleasure to witness the powerful and positive impact they have on all visitors.


"Sara, you are The Joy Pioneer, a Modern Maven of Radical Happiness!!"  

-Sophia Steger Art & Design

My latest mural 'Tree of Dreams' in Frankstons Clyde St. mall. You can read more about it's wonderful Joy-filled purpose here. Meet Clementine, she oozes happy...hehe