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Time to return to joy!!

I have always had an innate desire to float up to the surface of life, returning to my true nature of Joy !


Who christened me a joy activator?


Short answer: life.

Maybe I am predisposed astrologically (with Leo rising) to bubble up to the surface, to always want to head to the light, and find any droplet of playfulness… Aaaah but doing, that hasn't always been easy.

I can tell you.


Life has thrown at me many whacky alleys and sideshows, tough situations where I have been in complete despair.

Living with an unwell husband for years before losing him to spirit certainly taught me a lot about life and myself.


The funny thing is the more I surrendered to the wildly, unrelenting, wilderness of grief and the truth of it that flowed through me, the more I was also able to access an abundance of JOY.

I reckon it's kind of like the treasure you get for allowing life in all its colours and craziness to simply flow through you without resistance, and that's just what I've done or learned to do (sometimes because I was just too exhausted to do anything else). A kinda surrender by default?



'Tree of Dreams'. You can see more of my mural work here and read more about 'Tree of Dreams' wonderful Joy-filled purpose here. 

Meet Clementine, she oozes JOY..hehe

"Sara, you are The Joy Pioneer, a Modern Maven of Radical Happiness!!"  

-Sophia Steger Art & Design


And ART.

Art has always been there, since childhood, and it's helped restore my sense of wellbeing and returned me to flow state (where the good healing juju lives) and my blissful connection to source energy more times than I can count.

It's the one giant, colourfully immovably constant in my world. Quietly waiting, always so forgiving and generous with its ability to switch off my mind and connect me back to heart, back to my body and help me anchor back into radical joy.

With ART on my side I feel utterly unsinkable...


 Painting connects me so easily to my source of JOY and I find people frequently remarking that they feel this energy in my work, maybe you've noticed it too? 

​I have a rich toolkit of habits and short-cuts; an incredibly juicy wealth of knowledge and generative wisdom on how to live an extraordinary joyful creative existence AND ​I am crazy passionate about nourishing and inspiring other creatives so they can find their brilliance and share it with the world.

I occasionally run fun-filled events to share this with others. If you are interested sign up for my newsletter to be first to find out when they are coming.

I also play one-on-one with creatives in live or online sessions tailored to realign you with your joy filled true Nature and phenomenally boost Creative Mojo - basically get your wheels back in their juicy tracks again.

 You can contact me to set up a time to chat further about that here.

My beautiful book 'Creative Quest' is NOW available 

so you can re-awaken your own creative spirit and fill your world with JOY! Check it out here

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