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Sense of Self

Sensory Installations

shrine of the sacred self

The prayer

Creator of all that is;


Show me sweet relief from the ill winds of global upheaval.

Lure me with the fragrance of your love.

Let me find solace in the Shrine of the Sacred Self.


Soothe my mind with stories of the moon and stars above and the Earth below my feet.

Show me my heart filled with faith and love, so that I may dance gracefully with the mess and wear the rest of life 

like the lightest summer breeze.


Teach me to trust in life and choose love beyond fear so that I may walk in peace with the passing of each glorious day. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The year 2020 was a rollercoaster for me: months of dread, anxiety, and frustration. Feeling helpless in the world, I finally surrendered and turned inward to find much needed peace. Shrine of the sacred self is an immersive response to this journey; navigating within, to find that sense of deep immoveable faith in life.


Inviting visitors to step into that rich sacred space, via an upscaled, indoor/outdoor pop-up version of my pocket shrine.

My pocket shrines are devotional imagery, painted into small treasure boxes, as reminders of our sacred self in daily life. 


Pocket Shrines are inspired by roadside temples in Bali and tiny frescoed chapels in Cyprus, seen on my travels in past years, making this immersive experience a spiritual labyrinth, a powerful journey to our own centre. The way Mary Poppins climbed into a chalk drawing, step mindfully into the living canvas, The shrine of the sacred self. 

 "I’m hoping this work will help people process what has been quite a traumatic experience for most, in a way that leaves them feeling a sense of hope and relief as it has been for me." 

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Sense of Self


Designed in consultation with Access Ability Australia, Sense of Self offers carers and families of children with additional needs an inclusive place to explore and relax together at large events. It is a magical place for taking a breather, playfully and creatively prompting its audience to ‘activate’ their senses in dynamic and unforeseen ways. Sense of Self is an immersive Art experience and chill zone all in one.

Developed in response to the need for inclusivity at public events, everything in this unique sensory installation is mindfully created and placed so that all children, especially those on the Autism spectrum, can engage in play feeling safe and held.

This work is an evolving curation, unfolding within the varying spaces at each event, from indoor theatrical spaces to outdoor Sensory Gardens. 

For more information or a quote please contact us.

Nest Project

Sense of Home

“In a world of underlying disconnection and loneliness, I’m passionate about art that connects and elevates the richness and resilience of the human spirit.”

A delightful Rookery of hand-stitched Sunbird nests activating a public space with powerful symbols of resilience and Love, this is a workshop based project with community and school groups.


Tapping into diverse and extraordinary stories, that focus on human resilience… We work with recycled materials, gathering and choosing elements that reflect this. Recording and sharing the human stories (audio, video, book of letters…) is a magical addition to this project creating further connection, dialogue and possible healing opportunities for both participant and viewer.


Losing my husband four years ago, took me on an enriching personal journey, seeking a return to my ‘sense of home’ and inner joy. The form of this work sees a natural revisitation to my childhood soothers of making, textile and stitchery.


I find sharing openly with those who have also experienced challenge and upheaval creates deep resonance and the sense of connection that comes with shared human experience. 

A softer version of this theme with teenagers has shown highly successful outcomes, showing that this beautiful project can flexibly meet the needs of various community groups. 

The Imaginarium

Bring my installations to your next event

Looking for a magical immersive sensory installation to add to your next event, festival or into a permanent space?

Whether it's the curation of existing pieces of Sara's work into your specific site or a set of beautiful new permanent pieces for a uniquely creative sensory room, Sara is happy to chat about it with you and quote on your scenario.


I love to add in tailored site responsive features that allow your unique community to connect, create and be curious….Imagine a live mural painting aspect surrounding the curated space where audience members can lay on bean bags and witness my evolving painting or smock up and participate in the coming to life of one of my brilliant creation...or it could be a magical nest making workshop, a night viewing with blacklight torches and popcorn, a pom-pom making workshop, family made firefly grotto or live story/music.


Events and organisations I've worked with

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