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2. Unblock your creative flowwww...

Updated: May 31

I'm talking about feeling 'stuck' as a creative and ways to unblock the flow state. This is super common as a creative (it still happens for me even though I've been arty, creating all my lovely life!) and I find it's easier to make friends with it than just avoid making art, or writing, or being creative because of it. Being creative and getting into flow state is sooo worth the few minutes of 'unblocking' it takes...

So, here's the 2 minute EFT tapping video I made if you want to try it.

EFT is a brilliant combination of psychology and Chinese pressure points that can give rapid relief for many issues. If you have time and require it you could do 3 rounds of my video, or until you feel some relief. And if that doesn't have any effect then re-direct your energy to nature and let the flow state find you when it's ready.


A fun creative prompt... You can download and use mine or create your own LOVEbirds in full on 'you' style! Pop one in a friend's bag, or in the fridge or on top of the toilet at work... Sneaky little guerrilla art acts always make me smile. Would love to see photos of where some of yours end up!!!


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