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These darling handmade Prayer Vases are made with local Aussie Porcelain and underglazes, kiln fired with Oodles of love and hand embroidered felt wings added last.

Each one is named underneath and brings their own spunky personality to grace your windowsill, desk or bedside table.

Pop a sprig of blossom from your garden (or a neighbours) a bunch of dandelions, some paintbrushes or a feather found on the beach, to bring their halo fully to life.


Jia Francis...Is a soothesayer, a channel to higher realms, a portal to all creation. A reminder to ask for all you desire, to FEEEL into the having of it and let Jia do her thang...Your wish is her command!


She stands 14 cm tall and 4.5 cm diameter vase top.

Jia Francis

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