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I have been on a mission the last 5 years exploring ways to hack or unlock my creative potential as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Hypnosis and Theta healing are 2 wellness modalities that have made a huge difference with my core beliefs, re-patterning the outcomes I am seeing in my world.

These modalities work to calm the conscious mind so that it takes a back seat to your subconscious mind, even though you're still aware of what's going on. Effectively, this allows the positive suggestions to work directly with your subconscious. So very simple and cool.

And If you know me you'll know that when I find something that works I love to support and guide others by sharing it... sooooo here is a little video telling more about how I put this project together and then if it rocks your pom-poms you can start unlocking your own unique potential below too!


"Incorporating your hypnosis track into my regular personal growth practice has truly proven to be an act of self nourishment. I feel a sense of excitement each time I prepare to listen as I know what joy and inspiration await me on the other side of your words. Thank you for soothing my creative insecurities through such firm yet kind reassurance that my own brand of creative flavour is actually quite delicious! 

With your assistance I have supported a mindset that  consciously notices how continuous creativity flows around me and through me. I see how truly valuable creative energy is to the world - it is in fact what makes the world! - and I understand how cultivating my own creativity can help create the kind of world we'd all delight to experience. The powerful suggestions in 'Unlocking your Creative Potential ' have increased and strengthened my worthiness to engage with creative energy.

I am equipped to move more confidently in the direction of birthing something new and wonderful into the world, for the benefit and joys it may bring to myself and others.


Grateful thanks Sara, for being a part of this journey with me!" 

-Alena Matucci

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