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Creative Mojo

Creative mojo workshop

I have been a creative practitioner for more than 30 years and along that path there have been plenty of tough bits, things that as an isolated creative take absolute tenacity to work through.

It has been (and still is) an incredible journey of learning. Sharing the knowledge I have gained in how to deal with that gnarly stuff, whilst staying true to my path as a creative, really excites me.

As creatives, I believe we have something very important to give to the world...and I love putting wind under other creatives wings, enabling you to Soar!

This beautifully crafted live workshop is designed to help you as a creative, connect into your unique values and vision and develop a fierce immovable mojo or confidence that will deeply enrich your life and your work.

It’s full of tools and techniques that empower you as a creative wherever you are in your journey. 

"Be the artist of your own incredible story"

Here’s just some of what you will gain from this brilliant workshop: 

  • A creative accountability coach - develop a unique one on one process of support with another creative, as an ongoing tool.

  • Know and understand your core values and how to use them to drive your decision-making process as a creative.

  • Using an NLP process we go on a journey to unpack your unique vision.

  • Grasp the incredible power of your mindset, learning how to change the story you tell yourself. Re-wiring your brain for a world of possibility!

  • The importance of your physiology. How to nourish your brain and body so you can show up for the work.

  • Simple ways to break old unsupportive habits and supercharge supportive ones.

  • Managing yourself within to get all the important stuff into your week and actually done! 


I have been a professional artist for over 30 years and in this workshop, I share generously (and with great passion) what I’ve found to be the most powerful tools and habits in having resilience as a creative. I love to nourish and impact other creatives to realise and unlock their unique potential using what I have learned.... beautiful magic happens in these workshops!


I've used the tools of self-care that you taught us, through two stand-up comedy performances recently… Calming the mind prior and regathering my energy after. It is such a powerful way of taking care of myself, and my body. Live performing is such a huge investment of energy and expression. It used to be very hard to calm the body and mind after an event. Taking care of myself properly allowed me to rebound faster and do more/be more efficient. I’m taking hold of the reins, so to speak. Thanks Sara, this stuff works!!!!

- Frederick Rowan

I have been trying for years to find a way out of the negative womb I inhabited, where I had been stagnating and losing my lifeline. Your workshop has birthed me into a whole new world. I am a new person, with unlimited potential, great dreams to achieve, memories to make, people to meet, friendships to develop. Your teachings are relevant every single day. I read them regularly to reinforce my decisions, redefine boundaries, timeframes and outcomes.  I am so grateful that life bought us together.

I have my script of Creative Life according to Sara. You have written the first chapters, it is up to me now, with you as my inspiration, to write the rest.

My humble gratitude, boundless joy, limitless determination and achievement and most of all love.

- Carolyn Rodgers

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