Wahooooo Cyprus here we come!

Updated: Jun 22

So, my friends, our tickets are booked, our bags are packed (mostly with paints, of course) and the garden is seriously mulched, we are off to Cyprus again!!!! Yehaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Those of you who follow my social media know that Daryle and I had a scrumptious super sunshine-y adventure in Cyprus in 2019… I dreamt of returning for a longer stint, and to nestle into one of the local mountain villages, painting wild donkeys and wonky stray cats and tadahhh, its manifest. And because you enjoyed tagging along with us last time - seeing what inspired me as I painted, some of the cool street art, hearing some of the stories of this unique landscape and the beautiful people, I thought I would add a bit more detail and more photos through this blog so you could follow along, and enjoy our sunny adventure with us. Plus we are going to be there for 3 whole wildly glorious months...Yipeeeeee

Below are some of our favourite images from 2019


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