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     All the Creative Questing

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Bringing back my bloggedy travel shenanigans alongside the beautiful blogs for more Creative JOY and resilience.

There are category tabs so you can choose what you read and absorb 'Creative travel adventures' OR 'Creative Quest'.

'Creative Quest' pairs lovely nuggets of mindful wisdom via exercises to navigate THE mostest important relationship in our life (yep the one with ourselves!!!)  with a treasure trove of play-filled art prompts that will undoubtedly encourage you to pull out your paintbox and toddle off into a creative wonderland with Sara holding your hand and your heart...Enjoy!

Lets get started... Here's a basic Art supply list. This is not meant to stress you out, so if you can only manage felt tip markers, crayons and an old exercise book then do that. Nobody's grading you, and it may be all the permission you require to set your creative awesomeness freeeeeeeee....
Also, we aren't painting the Mona Lisa here so simply use existing or buy student quality acrylic paints: they are perfect for this level of Arty play. And for future knowledge, the more costly the paint, the more pigment in it (aka colour).

The freshly printed beautifully made 'Creative Quest' booky book is hERE! 

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